Itec gets smarter about water

South Africa is a water scarce region which recently has experienced one of the worst droughts in its recorded history. Even though it is faced with this conundrum, there is still more to be done in creating awareness around water scarcity. Not to mention, the need to educate society that we shouldn’t be using the same water that is used to bath and flush toilets for drinking and cooking.

To lead by example, create awareness and change the behaviour of its employees, Itec SA’s Head Office in Johannesburg has recently set up a new water backup, rainwater harvesting and filtration system as part of a bigger going green strategy.

Assisted by AQUAffection (Pty) Ltd, a company that provides solutions to manage and conserve water, Itec will now be able to harvest, store and release rainwater to its buildings and have enough water supply for three days during water cuts with a seamless interchange between rain and municipal water. This change could drastically decrease the company’s reliance on municipal water supply. Itec’s daily consumption of 10kl of water per day is expected to decrease to 6kl per day.

The company has further decreased its water consumption by fitting an improved flushing system as well as tap spouts. Moreover, Itec SA is going to do away with bottled water in the office boardrooms and have water coolers instead as there is now a water storage system. This is a conscious move to do away with plastic consumption that is currently harming the ecosystem and environment.

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