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Gavin Meyer

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Get your message across from anywhere, on a single number.


Your business’ safety is our responsibility


Own the information, not the infrastructure.

Management Services

Access information wherever, whenever, on any device.


Get an office in your pocket so business happens wherever you are.


From enterprise to startup,

we’re with you.

Technology is an enabler that helps us deliver capabilities but it is still, and even more so, our human connection that allows us to understand your business and deliver against your specific goals.

For businesses of any and all types, we have solutions to help optimise your operations.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

CAVI Brands

The support that Itec SA has offered throughout the project has been unrivalled by any other supplier that we have previously worked with. They made the transition seamless and have greatly improved communication, efficiencies and productivity within the Group.

– Gregg Trollip, Project Manager at CAVI Brands


I would more than recommend Itec for the amount of support and service they provided across the whole transition period. It’s not always been easy for the team to put up with the staggered implementation and system management. Itec have really delivered 100 percent for us.

– Devendran Naicker, Uniplate MD

BZM Transport

Not only did Itec provide us with an amazing solution that has totally transformed our operations, they continue to go above and beyond when it comes to ongoing support and service.

– Natasha Leonard, BZM Transport’s office administrator.


Thoughts, insights, cool new tech and more.

We understand your world.

There are more things to do than hours in a day yet you also need to ensure your business remains relevant, agile and able to respond to changing market – and operational – needs.

Our aim is to present you with the best business and use cases for specific problems that you may find useful in your organisation. Itec podcasts, vodcasts, reports and other content are created to help sharp minds make better business decisions.

And, if we can help it, we’re going to have a little fun too!

Profile - Kimberley Nunes

Coffee is the first thing! I then proceed to working through my reports and queries.

Profile - Relene Pieterse

I am an ISA Stock Controller at our warehouse where we process all orders i.e. OA, PBX, CCTV, Consumables and Spares for Partners and Dealers.

Profile: Carina Engelbrecht

It takes a lot to be successful in sales. It takes even more to be a successful woman in sales. But that’s not going to stand in the way of 39 year-old Carina Engelbrecht, who’s breaking glass ceilings and changing perceptions as she works to close the lingering gender gaps in the local IT industry.

The burning platform for data security and compliance

“We have connected all of our lives — personal, professional and national — to the Internet. That’s where the bad guys will go because that’s where our lives are, our money, our secrets.”

Local IT market sees rise of ‘simplicity as a service’

Who’d want to be a CIO or CTO in 2018? They’re being bombarded by an avalanche of new technologies and business approaches that are demanding their attention.

Thought Leadership: Don’t make your data compliance pop – make it POPIA

Right now, data compliance is top of mind for practically every South African business, and for good reason.

Itec gets smarter about water

South Africa is a water scarce region which recently has experienced one of the worst droughts in its recorded history. Even though it is faced with this conundrum, there is still more to be done in creating awareness around water scarcity.

How Managed Business Services gets you back to your business

Your business exists for good reason, unique to the value you offer the market. The effort of your sweat and tears have noble goals, such as becoming the market leader, servicing happy customers and delivering on your promises. Yet whatever it is that you set out to accomplish, chances are running computer services were not among them.

What is GDPR’s impact on your business?

If you do business with the data of entities and persons from the European Union, or if you send data to an EU territory, you should learn more about this new regulation.


We’re for a sustainable planet,we’re for you.

Itec is proud to be able to offer Carbon Neutral, an initiative that focuses on auditing and reducing the environmental impact of the equipment we supply to clients, and supplying our clients with a carbon-off set certificate as proof of the exercise.