Good Security is Good Business

How much danger does your business face from security threats? This is often the first question asked when the topic of security is brought up. Unfortunately the most common answer tends to be: “Probably not much. After all, why would we be a target?”

But this is missing the point of modern security. First, it’s not a question of if your business will be attacked: all it takes is a random email containing some dangerous software, an unaware employee clicking on that file and – bang! – Your systems are compromised. Attacks can be as surgical as a motivated attacker targeting your company for specific reasons to a random piece of Ransomware. Do not underestimate how vulnerable your business is.

Second – and more crucial – a good security mindset goes further than keeping out the bad guys. Companies that appreciate security as part of their culture gain many other things. They are more prepared for disaster recovery and business continuity, more aware of their employee activities and have a solid operational awareness of their technology.

Let’s explore the second point in more detail. A company that is security minded will have several functions in place. It can enroll new employees easily, since security vetting is automated and streamlined for HR to use directly. It can track employee movement by connecting physical systems (biometrics, key cards or CCTV) with other databases such as login credentials for workstations. It can deploy secure work environments on mobile devices, and remove them automatically when a device is no longer part of the business network.

Above all, it can do all of this and more through automated systems, relieving IT teams from drudge work and enabling other departments to interact with the business technology systems with ease.

The overall theme is clear: a good security culture is great for building a strong business. It enables you to monitor every nuance of your business: from the mileage on your fleet to the usage of your copiers, all be fed into central data repositories that can then be analysed for further insight. Do your employees like Surprise Thursday at the canteen? By tracing their security movements, you’ll be able to tell if there is a rush or not. Are your shelves being restocked in time? Using the hot-mapping on CCTV cameras, you’ll know in real-time.

This symbiosis exists because Good Security and Good Technology are bedfellows. If your underlying security works, it means your company’s overall technology is well-designed and maintained.

But who wants to deal with security? Not your business, because frankly that isn’t your business. Security is complex and requires a lot of expertise, demanding people and resources you might not want to spare. Even if you did employ them, are they good enough? Do they have sufficient resources? Could their energies be better spent on business projects?

Security is not a box-checking exercise. If you can’t tend to it at a fundamental level and aren’t able to scale as a threat grows, your efforts are mostly in vain. It is not only expensive to build your own backup/recovery services, but you also have to train your staff, maintain your own system updates, and watch every visitor on your network with grave suspicion.

Life’s too short for that. The far better choice is to partner with a proven security provider. Managed business services and integration experts as ITEC specialise in blending security into every business function. Using highly secure and scaling cloud systems, as well as the best-of-breed on-premise security solutions, ITEC helps create the ideal security culture and services, suited to every company.

It does not completely absolve you from security, since good security has to be a part of company culture. But with managed security services experts such as ITEC, you only have to think about the business impact and take advantage of the business features that come along with security platforms. They can help integrate your existing security investments into a modern system, and do so at much better pricing thanks to the economies of scale of modern security platforms.

Don’t miss out on the best business technology can offer – and don’t stop work because Mavis accidentally clicked on ransomware masked as a formal-looking PDF. Above all, don’t think security is someone else’s problem. It’s yours. But it doesn’t have to be your headache – not with the right managed business services partner.


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