Itec, with Doc-IT, brings document management into the modern workplace

This is an amazing time to run a business. The combination of better work tools, technology and data are creating wonderful opportunities for companies. If you can harness your data, shape a single truth and give access to your mobile-empowered employees, the sky’s the limit… but not if you are drowning in paperwork.

Document management has become the bane of our information society. Traditional paper cannot keep up with the demands of modern companies. According to Gartner, the average professional spends as much as half their time just looking for documents. It can cost hundreds to thousands of rands in work hours finding or replacing a single document. Small to medium-sized organisations, in particular, are struggling to stay ahead, elevating the risks of fines and losing customers.

This is why Itec has integrated Doc-IT into its service offering to provide a fully home-grown yet internationally-recognised document management solution for companies of all sizes and from all sectors (particularly the legal services, financial services and engineering sectors).

“It surprises many people when they hear Itec wants to reduce paper use,” said Gavin Meyer, Executive Director of Itec Southern Africa. “But we don’t see the future in paper. The future is information, so the better we can help our customers take control over their documents, the better they can perform. This is about sustainability and business excellence. It’s about the future. That’s why we chose to partner with Doc-IT: they stand for these principles and have  best-of-breed yet competitively priced solutions that meets all those needs and more.”

The document challenges facing businesses

Documents are creating many costly problems for companies, especially SMEs. Foremost there is the pressure from compliance: can the document environment be easily audited? What about the costs of storing all those documents?

But transaction-based documents are as crucial and problematic: how much time and money is lost through lost invoices or queries from customers? Likewise, how much is wasted through slow and inefficient invoicing? Then there is the spectre of document loss: how much time is spent looking on different desks for an errant piece of paperwork? Worse: if there was to be a fire or some other disaster, maybe a water mains flooding the records room, can the company recover its documents?

What about the advantage? We can all agree that it’s bad to not know and even worse not knowing what you don’t know. Modern companies excel through good data, giving them valuable market and customer insights. Even streamlining operations isn’t possible without good business intelligence. But how will you achieve that if your paperwork is everywhere it shouldn’t be?

“We developed Doc-IT’s solutions because we saw a clear need for better document management, especially among smaller companies,” said Doug Isabelle, Director of Doc-IT. “Businesses are so eager to move ahead with the times that they don’t realise how their old habits can hold them back. Document management can become a cost, workflow and compliance dark horse that catches them unaware. With Doc-IT we use the best in technology and business insight to create a truly South African solution to their challenges.”

Get your documents back in line

Doc-IT’s locally developed solutions bring back order to document chaos, sharpening your business edge while introducing new efficiencies:

  • Complete document management: leverage a reliable document management system with strict access rights that are active from the first implementation.
  • Automate workflows: save the valuable time of employees by automating basic document tasks from change control and training to expense claims.
  • Powerful search: find any document in under 30 seconds, including words and phrases inside documents, and filtered with an extensive list of options.
  • Full compliance: Doc-IT’s solutions make compliance easy, fully supporting POPI, GDPR and several ISO standards.
  • Solid integration: combine the power of the information in your documents with your CRM system through seamless integration.
  • Keep track of documents: all digital copies maintained by Doc-IT are version controlled, complete with a full history for each document. This includes enforcing retention policies for tax compliance purposes.
  • Reliable security: document rights are managed on a per document, per person basis.
  • Complete Mobile and MFP support: your employees can safely and easily access documents on their mobile devices, as well as use mobile devices and multi-function printers to easily capture information into the document management ecosystem.
  • Simple collaboration: from independent annotations and controlled sharing to intuitive electronic approval, document collaboration has never been this empowering.
  • Choice in storage: keep your documents on-premise, in the cloud or a combination thereof for the most efficient, accessible and cost-effective model that fits your business.

Itec Group South Africa

Itec is southern Africa’s fastest growing office automation, production printing and tele- communications solutions provider. Through its 47 southern African branches and an international footprint that includes the United Kingdom, the company implements total office solutions based on imported, industry-leading, and award-winning products.

Itec serves medium-sized and large businesses in sectors as diverse as financial services and retail –supporting its innovative solutions with proactive service delivery. Some of its 18 000 customers include Value Logistics, Implats, Department of Housing, Business Connexion, ADT, Rand Refinery, First National Bank, Anglogold Ashanti, National Health Laboratory Services and Advtech.

Itec management rebranded the company in 2004 following a merger of the separate copier, printer, and fax business units initially established in 1987.

For more information, please see www.itecgroup.co.za


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