Touch-free Access in Healthcare

Wesley Haarhof
Itec SA – Product Manager: Security

Healthcare environments need to be safe and hygienic for patients as well as professionals. With high volumes of people coming and going each day, maintaining smooth operations and responding quickly to emergencies are becoming more challenging. Tailored solutions help answer these and other concerns with advanced technology, powerful hardware, and centralised management software.

Touch-free access is easier than ever, and users will appreciate the improved convenience every time they use it. You can create a streamlined work environment that features unparalleled security, enhanced efficiency and advanced technology.

Various attendance and access control methods have been in use for several years now. It all began with a written list of names on a sheet of paper. Later, punch cards were used, then magnetic and barcoded cards, and nowadays biometric technology such as fingerprints are commonly in use. With the increased risk of infectious diseases, the development of facial recognition technology, access control and attendance has entered a new era. This contactless verification is more sanitary and more convenient, as users no longer need to worry about such things as carrying an ID card or opening a door when their hands are occupied.

Some concerns with other methods, which facial recognition technology now resolves, are:

  • Microbe transmission by indirect contact on touch-based systems
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities, injuries or missing limbs
  • Suitable for scenarios where gloves are needed
  • Superior recognition in any environment
  • Higher accuracy

Staff is the most critical resource in virtually every aspect of healthcare. Protecting their health is crucial. Access Control Terminals embedded with facial recognition provide hygienic authentication and/or access to consultation rooms and pharmacies with no physical contact.