Communication is essential to every business. It not only helps keep in touch with customers and run operations, but is a vital component to maintaining company culture. Culture is formed from the habits and principles that a group shares. But without the ability to effectively communicate, culture becomes stunted. This is a serious issue at a time when business is evolving at breakneck speeds.

The problem is that many companies still rely on communications systems that are outdated, expensive and complex. The former means that the system cannot keep pace with the company’s lateral growth, while both the middle and latter are major barriers to do anything about the problem. Companies want to sweat the asset as far as they can, and nobody wants to be responsible for the disruption if the phone lines go down. So in the spirit of ‘if it ain’t broke…’, communications systems are consigned to live and let die.

But if communications are key to culture, and culture is rapidly evolving to take advantage of the 21st century business landscape, then this is clearly a bad philosophy. Yet such ambitions don’t wish away complexity and cost. The complexity results from the many individual needs of the business and the cost is a result of historic projects that charged a lot yet failed to fully deliver on their promises.

This is no longer the case. New paradigms such as cloud platforms and broadband connectivity, combined with skilled integrators, make it possible to consolidate communications without losing the nuances that the business expects. Such solutions scale easily, so much so that they cater for sole proprietors, multinational enterprises and everything in between. These systems also cater realtime, drill-down insights for easy management, as well as data gathering that can be deployed in analytics. No matter if the demands include landlines, mobile connectivity, collaboration suites or other communications requirements, the right solution provider can offer it all fast, efficiently and with a full view of the ROI. No more ‘one size fits all’, but one approach to fit all sizes.

ITEC has delivered numerous times on these promises. Underpinned by a detailed and well-deployed project plan, all care is taken to meet every existing need in our customers’ companies without disrupting business. This includes a low impact on the company’s IT staff, who can focus on core technology projects instead. Our approach strips away redundant infrastructure, using the best-of-breed in cloud and software-defined technologies to deliver communications without the tremendous CAPEX overhead.

Such solutions don’t simply bring a company up to speed. It opens new doors: several of ITEC’s communications customers have expanded their investment to streamline operations. Using our remote device management software such as Print Director and ITEC Sentry, they are able to optimise device functions to unexpected levels. Some also use the comms platform to develop office automation, freeing even more critical business resources to focus on growth, not keeping balls bouncing. It’s the bedrock for future scale and development.

Communication is one of a successful business’ cornerstones and should evolve as the business does. But the cost and complexity of past communications platforms have made companies hesitant to take that step. Yet with ITEC on your side, those issues are yesterday’s problems and we can plan together for tomorrow’s promise.