Access & Connectivity in Retail

Written by Jonel van Schalkwyk, Senior Product Manager, Itec SA

The South African Retail experience has been transformed and will continue to innovate and benefit from newly formed habits, comfort and convenience experienced and expected as the norm by clients and retailers alike.

The pandemic acted as a catalyst to further influence and expedite an already digitally-focused industry. Everything that makes us human; working, learning, socialising, entertaining and most relevant in this context- shopping has forced retailers to leverage new ways of innovating, market reach and market growth.

All of the above is based on digital transformation, connectivity and convergence of technologies and platforms whether physically present in-store or online.

The above, not only allows for a number of benefits, competitive edge and advantages including a comprehensive view and insights to clients irrespective of the retail sector it functions in but acts as the enabler for online presence, consumer applications, in-store technologies like display screens, online ordering in-store, digital and sales tools in-store and where service-driven; appointment booking.

The most fundamental and critical consideration in any retailer’s digital journey is their digital transformation, connectivity and technology partner.

A partnership that ensures success and the innovation required to remain competitive and relevant in the market they serve need the following boxes ticked:

  • Future proof connectivity, coverage availability and continuous evolution.
  • A measurable, digital-first culture and co-creation together with consideration of application roadmap.
  • Convergence of all elements comprising retailers and customer-centric requirements.
  • Best of breed technology.
  • Service level and support in line with customised and exact retailer prerequisite.

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