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Itec looks to Sophos to secure SA’s SMBs

Managed service provider Itec has added cloud-enabled cyber-security provider Sophos to its product portfolio as part of a move to drive greater security in South African businesses and secure valuable company data and assets.

Hundreds of thousands of organisations around the world, especially within the small and medium-sized business (SMB) segments, rely on endpoint and network protection from the British security vendor.

Ria Mey Crop

Itec SA’s Ria Mey, a product manager – Cyber Security said growing numbers of South African SMBs are looking to managed service providers to run their IT services, as they do not have the time and expertise in-house. These clients look to Itec for everything from a complete outsourced managed IT solution to a full suite of security solutions and professional services.

“The cloud can be scary for a lot of SMB clients, and we believe Sophos security solutions will help us not only dispel those concerns but give customers peace of mind. Sophos will allow us to provide our clients with a solid endpoint security foundation and the ability to easily add other options, such as Sophos Intercept X, server protection, and device encryption,” said Mey.

Sophos’ Intercept X endpoint Protection is seen as the most comprehensive endpoint protection on the market today, built to stop a range of threats that includes malware, ransomware, exploits and viruses.

Other key products that Itec believes will land well in the local market include Sophos Mobile, which secures iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows 10 and macOS devices; Sophos Central Device Encryption, a cloud-based full disk encryption service; and Sophos XG Firewall, which allows SMBs to extend their secure network to employees anywhere.

To ensure the firewalls and the endpoint protection work well, Sophos offers the central management platform Central, which allows Itec and its clients to manage all the tools and features they need without having to switch between different kinds of management consoles for security solutions.

Sophos stands out in the market by taking a synchronised security approach, which sees the endpoint and the firewall working directly together and immediately anticipating incidents. If the firewall detects compromised machines, for example, it makes other machines aware of this and can take preventative action.

“Our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, combined with Sophos’ commitment to technology excellence, will enable us to secure customers’ networks, critical assets, data and intellectual property in a changing threat landscape even more robustly and proactively,” said Mey.