5 Lessons from an Executive Assistant

Manage critical tasks timeously, Improve efficiency on time management, Maintain good relationships. Your job is easier when people are willing to go the extra mile for you...

Profile – Shannon Ogle

I sometimes feel there are not enough hours in the day to process all payments. The most satisfying thing would (definitely) be to have happy clients once all payments have been processed.

Itec UMKO Adventure

The Itec UMKO Adventure is a 2 day MTB ride which takes cyclists on an adventurous journey through the beautiful Umkomaas Valley and surrounding farm lands.

Profile – Kimberley Nunes

Coffee is the first thing! I then proceed to working through my reports and queries.

Profile – Relene Pieterse

I am an ISA Stock Controller at our warehouse where we process all orders i.e. OA, PBX, CCTV, Consumables and Spares for Partners and Dealers.

Profile: Carina Engelbrecht

It takes a lot to be successful in sales. It takes even more to be a successful woman in sales. But that’s not going to stand in the way of 39 year-old Carina Engelbrecht, who’s breaking glass ceilings and changing perceptions as she works to close the lingering gender gaps in the local IT industry.

The burning platform for data security and compliance

“We have connected all of our lives — personal, professional and national — to the Internet. That’s where the bad guys will go because that’s where our lives are, our money, our secrets.”

Local IT market sees rise of ‘simplicity as a service’

Who’d want to be a CIO or CTO in 2018? They’re being bombarded by an avalanche of new technologies and business approaches that are demanding their attention.

Thought Leadership: Don’t make your data compliance pop – make it POPIA

Right now, data compliance is top of mind for practically every South African business, and for good reason.
Itec gets smarter about water

Itec gets smarter about water

South Africa is a water scarce region which recently has experienced one of the worst droughts in its recorded history. Even though it is faced with this conundrum, there is still more to be done in creating awareness around water scarcity.