How Managed Business Services gets you back to your business

Your business exists for good reason, unique to the value you offer the market. The effort of your sweat and tears have noble goals, such as becoming the market leader, servicing happy customers and delivering on your promises. Yet whatever it is that you set out to accomplish, chances are running computer services were not among them.


Press Release 2 May 2018 Business technology is like ordering a meal, then having to cook it yourself. But by adopting managed business services, local companies can open the resources to ride South Africa’s renaissance wave. The…


Press Release April 2018 Cloud technologies are enabling African companies to compete faster and better, for much less cost. It is the business game changer of the 21st century. So how can businesses start taking advantage of the cloud? Africa…

What is GDPR’s impact on your business?

If you do business with the data of entities and persons from the European Union, or if you send data to an EU territory, you should learn more about this new regulation.

Service: The new IT deal: Service, not Sales

Technology is a solid partner to the rest of the business. For the past forty years, it has played an instrumental role in improving the prospects of companies, from adding word processors to getting them onto the internet

Integration: Enjoy the new without throwing away the dependable

Technology is not a cheap investment, so letting go of it is not easy. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

How to find the right cloud fit for your business

The cloud is not just a piece of technology. It is an evolution in how we use technology and make technology give us more for less.