Itec Nelson Mandela Bay

Q&A – Itec Nelson Mandela Bay (Scott Keevy)

Itec NMB Scott Keevy
Itec NMB Team

Why the decision to rebrand your company to Itec Nelson Mandela Bay?

With the new branding, we would like to step up by being at the forefront of all the new technology that Itec SA presents and with COVID coming into play, thought why not? It is a great time to rebrand and explore all the new products. There is a lot of potential in PE and I feel this change will be the best for the business. We have a great team that we would like to grow, expand and upskill.

You have been with Itec for over 10 years, tell us a bit about the journey?

I have been with Itec close to 15 years now. I was with Nashua in 1994, owned my own business in 1997 (Mita PE) I then got bought out by Servest in the early 2000’s which was a great experience for me to learn what it was like to be part of a listed group. Around 2005 Philip Perkins visited me in PE and finally convinced me to become an Itec Dealer and I have never looked back since.

What do you think the future holds for Itec Nelson Mandela Bay?

I am excited about the prospect of taking this company to the next level. I feel the timing is just right. I want to work closer with Itec South Africa. I have always been a dealer but want to encourage the partnership, want to be more involved within the Itec Family. Travelling to head office in Gauteng has always left me with such positive energy to take back to PE, I want to enhance that energy.

What do you see as the main focus points for this new venture?

  • Growing and upskilling our team.
  • Ensuring that we have the correct resources.
  • Improving internal processes and structures.
  • Focus on growth and improvement in our service and technology.
  • Achieve resilience within the company.

“I want to have a good loyal group with me and there is no limit to how well we can do.”

Biggest achievement so far with Itec?

It may not sound like one, but the biggest achievement for me is the fact that I am still here. I am resilient, a networker and an old school salesperson. A lot of people deal with me because of who I am. PE is a network town. Business is done differently in different areas of South Africa but if you do the right things you will make a success of it.

What do you see as your main differentiating factor specifically in your region?

Resilience, relationship building, trust, and support over the years with his community. Fresh faces and solutions combined with this.

3 Tips; running your own company/entrepreneurship.

  1. Always trust your gut or instincts.
  2. Continue to work on your business and be open to change and improvement.
  3. Listen. Listen to your customers, listen to your staff it will make all the difference.